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School Supplies Giveaway

Hi all! School is already here for some of us:( and coming up very soon for others. Like it or not, something most of us need to do each fall is drop more cash for new markers, notebooks, or pens. Here is something that might be of help. I’m involved in a School Supplies Giveaway… Continue reading School Supplies Giveaway

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Free Multi-Genre Ebooks

If you are a bookworm, and especially if you’re an ebookworm, (did I just coin that? probably not), you may have noticed that a lot of authors are giving away their ebooks for free these days. Many are doing so in conjunction with other authors – it’s the power of numbers. They, or should I… Continue reading Free Multi-Genre Ebooks

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Q&A With Children’s Author & Illustrator Nathaniel Gold

Today is World Wildlife Day, and I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome author and award-winning illustrator Nathaniel Gold to the Reading Room. His fascinating work with chimpanzees, combined with an amazing artistic ability, turned his passion for wildlife into a highly unique and entertaining middle grade series. Q. Hi Nathaniel! Please tell us… Continue reading Q&A With Children’s Author & Illustrator Nathaniel Gold

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Free Ebooks for Kids 7-12: Round 2

Another round of free ebooks for kids 7-12 by authors from all over the USA! Only a few are by the authors on the last round of free middle grade ebooks I posted about a couple of weeks ago. Mostly, these are all new. Many of these are the first book in the series by… Continue reading Free Ebooks for Kids 7-12: Round 2

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February Middle Grade Mania

Greetings and Happy Sunday, folks. I hope you’ve all had your Coffee /Tea /Newspaper /Cross Fit Workout/ What-Have-You Sunday morning routine by now, because I’ve got something neat to share with you today. Seventeen things actually. Kidding!!! I only meant seventeen ebooks. You see, for the month of February, the seventeen authors on this page… Continue reading February Middle Grade Mania

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Free Ebook for Groundhog Day

Just a quick note about a FREE ebook available for Groundhog Day, which is Thurs., Feb. 2! Download it here: Children love the idea of celebrating a cuddly looking, furry little creature that either sees his shadow or not and determines the entirety of the winter season after February 2nd. But I know that… Continue reading Free Ebook for Groundhog Day

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Promotional Services for Children’s Authors

Featured Services for Authors Featured Services for Children’s Authors Are you a children’s author who would like to be interviewed here on Rosco’s Reading Room? Congratulations on publishing your children’s book! Now, for the hard part, it’s time to market it. If you’re looking for ways to get your book noticed, I can help. I… Continue reading Promotional Services for Children’s Authors

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Christmas Books for Kids

Welcome to a roundup of Christmas stories written by the children’s authors featured on Rosco’s Reading Room this year. Don’t miss the chance to check out some fresh new holiday books for your children this season! Harry the Christmas Mouse by NGK – Published July 29, 2016 by NGK Media – Brand new release! Join… Continue reading Christmas Books for Kids

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Adventures with Wattpad

If I hear one more story about a teenage girl who sat up all night tapping away at the keyboard on Wattpad while her parents had no idea she was even penning a novel, only to find that she’s got 1.9 trillion followers and 3.7 gazillion reads and now a book deal with a major… Continue reading Adventures with Wattpad