How to Boost Children’s Book Sales – Redesign Your Cover!

My guest post on award-winning author Joseph Drumheller’s blog~

Joseph Drumheller

Children’s Books, Picture Books

Welcome to my weekly guest blog series:

Success in the Arts – Touching the Lives of Children

This week I’m featuring Shana Gorian, author of  Rosco the Rascal series.

A Visual Step-by-Step of a Cover Redesign

I had a problem. While reviews for my three chapter books for kids ages 6-9 were overwhelmingly positive from kids, parents, teachers, even librarians—without fail, my book sales just weren’t hitting the mark.

After much discussion and research, I knew it wasn’t the writing or the editing, or even a lack of promoting them that was behind it. Instead, I realized I had a very simple problem—my book covers just didn’t look like the other book covers in my market.

#1I realized my covers lacked mystery, emotion, danger, and action, all staples of the covers of today’s best selling chapter and middle grade books. My covers were mainly…

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